5:59pm 04-29-2006
Jamie in Canada
April 15th 2006
01:04:15 PM

To Katrina - You speak of arrogance. Tell me, were you thinking this when YOU had YOUR children, or you cooed over your friend's new baby? Did you tell THEM they were being arrogant by bringing "another child" into the world? My wishes are with the Baines and may they succeed in their quest.
5:58pm 04-29-2006
Katrina of Canada
April 15th 2006
12:19:11 PM

40,000 children die each day of preventable causes, such as hunger and curable disease.

How arrogant can you be to bring another child into this world when another needs your love and care?

Thank you for taking time out from your UNICEF duties. Assuming we don't give a care Hmm? We're not blind in our travels to India y'know. Canada is such a beautiful place. Charities AND a surrogate can benefit, will benefit. But should we tell you and spoil your vitriol outlook on saps like us?
5:56pm 04-29-2006
April 15th 2006
07:31:02 AM

5:55pm 04-29-2006
Davinia - N.America
April 14th 2006

In response to the email by PFJCSM; look to yourself and find shame there before judging someone else with that label. This couple chose the surrogate route because all else failed them. Do you understand the desperation an infertile couple can feel? Really understand it? A surrogate is chosen because you have the choice of finding someone who closely matches your own traits. It has nothing to do with race or benefiting from a country where, as you put it, "lives are cheap". How many times have you looked at a baby or a child and commented that she has her father's eyes, her mother's hair colouring, or her grandmother's fair complexion. Come on now, be honest. We ALL want our children to resemble family traits, don't we! This has nothing to do with discrimination. It is all to do with one couple's intense need to have a child and their determination to succeed, despite a western "civilized" government trying to place medical limitations on their desire. So don't go all self-righteously spewing your venom on their basic right to have a family, regardless of which way they choose to make it happen. And before you go ruffling your feathers and getting your gander up at me, I am an infertile, adoptive mother. After 6 years of treatments and disappointments, my husband an I adopted a beautiful child. So, I applaud the Bains for their determination and their effort to use surrogacy. It takes a lot, a hell of a lot, to go through what they have gone through, and still are going through. If this way works for them, I say go for it. What right do you have to cry shame? By the way, my learned friend, there are doctors in the USA who will implant six embryos and, as in India, they also will tell you that not all will be viable. What did you call the Indian doctors - "non-medical and callous", I believe. Now who's being discriminative? A little research before you spew next time will be valuable. Leave the Bains' alone. They deserve this happiness.
5:45pm 04-29-2006
Took us weeks to respond to the remarks below. Either we're thick skinned or had trouble logging into our guest book!
Same goes to all entries above this one.

An example of the nanny state we live in that we cannot say what we like when we like and how we like. (works both ways!)
Intended for those that are not Molly-Coddled and to our surprise when we got to India are very frank and forward speaking and understand quite well our gist. As well the lower classes for which our wordings prove mercifully simplistic and it is a 'matching game' after all.
Our support comes from the many who we have helped via our website, and for free. All the while achieving very little ourselves. Still there's no pleasing some distractors is there.
Oh and let God decide please. The colour of the skin of our surrogate is darker than ours. Quite noticeably darker and 9 inches taller so there. Have faith sister - Love came thru in the end!
5:43pm 04-29-2006
April 13th 2006
02:42:02 PM

Hi Bobby/ Nikki
I first came across your ordeal on the MSNBC website and initially was really sympathetic. I know in India, lives are cheap and the doctor's non-medical and callous decision to implant six embryos into a womb of a 'desperate' Indian woman is shameful. It is also sad that you would allow such a thing to happen.
MSNBC posted a link to your website and while I was there I came across this........ Your advert.
We are searching for our surrogate and egg donor to carry our baby. A reward/expenses will be offered to the person who matches closely as possible to Nikki. See photo below. We are searching for our surrogate and egg donor to carry our baby. A reward/expenses will be offered to the person who matches closely as possible to Nikki. See photo below. Ideally she would be small and petite around 5'2". Fair skin (for an Indian).
I understand you would want your child to closely resemble you both. But asking for a specific height and 'fair skin' to me implies a form of discrimination? Is this what is the most important aspect while looking for a surrogate? What about hoping for just a healthy baby (irrespective of gender/ color/ sex)? What would you do if by god, you happened to find a darker skin/ african descent surrogate, would you rather not have a child in that case?
Shame on both of you for trying to use the symapthies of everyone who is genuinely concerned about you.

Thanks for visiting and your input.
Pot shots limited to once only. Those that have benefited from our webstory might disagree to the more recent entries here.
It takes all sorts to populate this world. The Good, the Bad and even the Ugly!

Getting really popular is our web site! We're to be charged for the extra bandwidth! It's the price you pay for stardom! One has to take the good with the bad. (and yes even the ugly).
5:06pm 04-29-2006
La Shonda Jackson
April 12th 2006
04:28:56 PM

Good luck in your quest to have a baby. My husband and I are in the same boat. I have Lupus so this will complicate things and has for the last 5 years. I can admit that I am not a jealous person, but when I see couples that are expecting, I am reminded of my own plight. Good luck, I know you will be blessed.
5:05pm 04-29-2006
April 3rd 2006
08:06:30 AM

Wish you all the best and pray for a happy and healthy life for the both of you with a baby. You seem to be courageous people and good hearted so your dreams will be fulfilled, good things happen to good people. All the best.
5:04pm 04-29-2006
Sharon USA
April 3rd 2006
05:30:53 AM

My heart and prayers go to Nikki and Bobby. Having never had a problem with pregnancy ( :kijk I cannot truely know what you are experiencing. But I wish the best for you oth and hope your dreams are soon realized. Just remember, everything happens for a reason. Just trust GOD...he knows what he is doing. I wish I could help...but my donor/childbearing years are long past. GOD bless you...my prayers are with you....
5:03pm 04-29-2006
ravoorimose. India
January 28th 2006
07:12:28 AM


i wish god will really bail them out from their sickness u will really get your child with loving smilies
5:02pm 04-29-2006
Sanjay singh, India
January 13th 2006
08:39:13 PM

Our Best Wishes are with them & if you reqire any help do let us know.
Allways kep smiling
5:01pm 04-29-2006
Kiran Canada
December 17th 2005
06:47:20 AM

I visited the website because I read your article in the times of India. Its unfortunate that inspite of all the techological advances, you failed to conceive Howevever, dont you think adoption is a better way? There are so many children who are in need of parents to love and care for them.
Moreover I see that both of you have a range of medical complications wont you be passing them on to your child too. Why not adopt?
Also its important to have faith in the Power of Christ, the son of the living God. I have heard of miracles and have seen miracles. Trust and faith have powers beyond what you can imagine.

[the power of Christ compels you ...
too right, should've listened ages ago. Since we stopped Sikh prayers & started with the Virgin Mary, Christ and his saints things have developed. cant say any further as thats tempting faith.
Who said we are using our genetic make-up in baby making? We shall overcome .....]
5:00pm 04-29-2006
Zelia, Tokyo (Japan)
December 11th 2005
01:59:00 AM

Nikki & Bobby:
Best of luck in your endeavour to become proud parents. Stay well and happy.
4:59pm 04-29-2006
Manoj Menon
December 10th 2005
09:24:59 PM

I wish you both all the success in achieving for what you have been thriving for. As I will be becoming a father next year March 2006, i can feel how you both will be feeling..my prayers and best wishes are there.
4:58pm 04-29-2006
Pranav. Canada
December 10th 2005
07:55:20 PM

I have gone through IVF and several other treatments including following ceremonies that are performed in India. We have been unsuccessfull.

I pray for your happiness, sucess and may you have lovely children that bring joy and honour to your life. I also pray and wish well for the lady who has agreed to be come a surrogate mother. She must be an angel.
God Bless.
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