7:54pm 10-28-2006

Your Location (eg-Beirut, Lebanon)

I am in the US and we are interested in the surrogacy program in India. But how do we deal with US immigration? I and my husband are US citizens. I would appreciate a quick reply. Thanks
10:00am 10-19-2006

Your Location (eg-Beirut, Lebanon)

Thank you very much for doing this.You are helping a lot of people that had lost their faith on having a baby. Hopefully one day, not very far, I'll go to Rotundá to have my baby.
1:04pm 10-03-2006
P. Jayaram

Your Location (eg-Beirut, Lebanon)

New Delhi, India
I am the India correspondent of The Straits Times (Singapore) doing a story on how rural areas of northern India are becoming a surrogacy outsourcing centre. Hope you don't mind if I quote your experience,and advice to those looking for surrogate mothers, in my story.
12:58am 09-24-2006
Elena Mater

Your Location (eg-Beirut, Lebanon)

I am glad that you are doing this. I can't talk about my fertility problems it's too painful and too long. I tried # Vitros in Moscow, one time surrogacy in Uzbekistan. It was fruitless. Somebody told me about India. Can you help me. I am loosing my hope.
3:39pm 07-21-2006
i am joined
7:32am 07-20-2006
Hello: wave:

Just checking out the site to see whats been happening, hopefully , the psychic is right, there must be some truth in it. Well , I'll keep checking in with ya, to the site that is, alot of info in here...........
8:23am 06-21-2006
3:16am 05-28-2006
I pray your day will come soon, the day you have a child in your arms looking up at your faces. That day will come - your hearts are in the right place, and your determination is applaudable. I look forward to hearing the goods news very soon.
9:46pm 05-13-2006
Tim Virk
I have stumbled onto your website...and it is rewarding to know there are couples like yourself with the self empowerment to continue to reach the ultimate goal. With the inner strength that is in both of you you will reach your target....I am in the same boat as yourselves, my sperm count is normal, but my wife had suffered an acute apendicitus when she was 13, it resulted in massive scarring, she is one of those unique individuals that suffers from adhesions, basically scarring that does not heal.

We ourselves are looking for a surrogate to carry our eight frozen embyo's. We have had 4 failed attempts at IVF.

So if any of you know of any potential surrogates out there please let me know!!!
11:19am 05-04-2006
Olga & Nick

Hi! All the best in India and creating a child to represent both of you. The help that is given along the way is there for you both to recieve that cherished gift of love.
10:01pm 04-29-2006
I remember coming home sobbing my heart out when I found out my friend had become pregnant, and I was still - still - trying. I couldn't be happy for her because my sadness was intensely over-riding her happiness. Only a day later the doctor informed me my blood test results for something completley different showed that I WAS indeed pregnant, but I was miscarrying the baby. That was the first miscarriage. There were others after that. I know the pain you are both feeling and I know that you will do anything to have a baby. We felt the same way. Whether it's infertility or secondary infertility you suffer from, the drive to have your own child is intense. You live a good life, a law abiding life, and you wonder "why me". Events led us to adoption and today we are a very happy family, but we still haven't given up the thought that maybe one day a biological child might happen. There are millions of women (and men) over the world tonight who share your dream of a baby. Dreams do come true so don't ever give up on yours. But please try not to let it obsess you either. It's easily done, we know!! God provides the answers in his own time, and only when we're ready to hear them. The morning I prayed to God and told him I was ready to leave it in his hands and have faith in him was the very morning he led us to our little girl. Two weeks later we were parents!! Good luck and my prayers and wishes go to to you both.
6:13pm 04-29-2006
Noel Young - USA
April 28th 2006
07:24:10 AM

I am a US based journalist and am writing a UK news article on surrogacy. I would very much like to speak to Bobby and Nikki. Please give me a call on 001 781 631 0788 or e-mail me.
6:11pm 04-29-2006
Amanda Winston - NY
April 18th 2006
06:44:20 PM

For XMX : As a general rule, limitations on intelligence do not adversley affect the ability to reproduce. If you, yourself, were not so afflicted with a limited intelligence (and tolerance level) as displayed in your email, you may have realized this and saved yourself some embarrassment. When I went through medical school I don't recall seeing any part of the brain that was directly connected to a fallopian tube or a sperm producing testicle! Oh, the simple minded can make us laugh - and you certainly did that tonight for me. For the Baines family I wish you all the luck.
6:07pm 04-29-2006
April 18th 2006
09:34:37 AM

maybe your inability to conceive a child is mother natures plan. You're not supposed to be spawning off children. My guess is that the one with the fertility problem has a less than average IQ. Ignorant should not reproduce, trust mother nature on this. Survival of the fittest, just deal with it

Totally wrong. Guess again. On second thoughts don't.

Your website is ... nice.
6:03pm 04-29-2006
Rob, NY
April 16th 2006
06:56:39 PM

I was just thinking the same thing as an earlier poster (PFJCSM).

Why is it so important to you that the carrier have "fair skin". After all, its your sperm and eggs, hence the kid really is YOURS, so whats the big deal about the surrogates complexion?? Sounds extremely bigotted and dare i say, caste conscious?

Anyway good luck in your pursuit.

Who said we're using our own egg & sperm? Many paths to take. This years attempt is different from last years & the next attempt more so. Some claim to know it all when even we don't know the full story!
Good intentions by all. Just chill!
Oh and let God decide please. The colour of the skin of our surrogate is darker than ours. Quite noticeably darker and 9 inches taller so there. Have faith sister(brother) - Love came thru in the end!
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